Tally : It helps small business owners to generate invoices, calculate, GST liabilities, maintain stocks, calculate TDS, and maintain payroll for employees as well. Mainly SMEs use this software for inventory, billing, and GST returns

Tally is the most important tool in calculating monetary terms, accountancy, tax and GST calculating, managing commercial transactions effectively and efficiently. Tally helps you to manage all your data in a proper way and can be efficiently accessed whenever needed. It allows you to all your data in well-mannered way.
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Why is Tally important in today’s world?


  1. Tally prepares your GST returns simultaneously while you do the accounting entries (Sales, Purchase, Payment, Receipt, Journals etc.) And looking at the complications in GST Regime, preparing your GST Returns manually would be a very very difficult task if the number of transactions are high.
  2. Tally automatically generates an error report for GST Returns based on your entries and suggests relevant corrections for the same.
  3. Tally is a Govt Authorized GST Software provider. The company is both a GSP as well as an ASP of GST.
  4. Tally is soon going to launch the version in which uploading and filing the GST returns on the GST Server could be done from within the software so you would not need to open your browser and log on to the GST portal for filing monthly returns.

Other than GST

  1. It generates real time accounting reports such as Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss, Stock Summary after every voucher creation or modification.
  2. Almost all the CA’s, Tax Practitioners & Accountants etc. prefer tally when it comes to choosing an accounting software, because of its simple and user friendly Interface.
  3. Tally has an amazing online customer support team that solves your problem within few hours after you let them know about it.
  4. Tally is fully customizable, meaning, you can get it customized to any extent from creating or generating new reports as per your needs to adding new functionalities or features and many more while maintaining the simplicity of the software.
  5. It’s very easy and affordable to find a data entry operator for Tally than for any other software available in the market.

There are many more reasons. Just use Tally, you’ll come to know.

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