Elon Musk has remained everyone’s favorite billionaire for a reason. Apart from reinventing electric cars to fight climate change, the tech billionaire also created an aerospace company to make humans multi-planetary species.

One of Musk’s primary ambitions is to send humans to Mars through his futuristic space vehicles. However, everyone has been curious to know the exact year people will land on Mars. Elon Musk has decided to feed our curiosity by answering this question.

So what year did Musk predict that humans will land and explore Mars? You are about to find out.

We all know about Elon Musk’s active involvement in Twitter. In fact, he recently bought the platform because of its potential and he intended to make it accessible to all. Musk not only tweets on his page, but he also replies to interesting questions from fans around the world. On March 18th, 2022, a Twitter user asked Musk when humans will land on Mars. Musk replied 2029.
Everyone was excited to see Musk’s reply to this curious question. Keep in mind that the Tech Billionaire has previously predicted that the uncrewed mission will commence in 2024, while the first manned missions to Mars will occur in 2026.

However, Elon Musk Company has to make sure that everything needs are in place before commencing with this manned mission to Mars. SpaceX has successfully designed several starships to take humans to this great height. Their most recent powerful space vehicle intended to reach Mars is the Starship SN20 and booster BN4.

After the company successfully stacked the starship SN20 atop the Super Heavy booster 4, they broke the world’s record of building the tallest and most powerful space vehicle. SpaceX is yet to conduct the Orbital test flight of this futuristic rocket, as the company awaits the Federal Aviation Administration’s approval before commencing with the operation.

In March 2022, Musk revealed that the Orbital test flight of the SN20 may likely take off in May 2022. So we should all be looking up to this historic flight anytime soon.

How Elon Musk Will Send Humans To Mars By 2029

If Elon Musk must send humans to Mars by 2029, SpaceX must prepare a soft landing for its first Martian astronauts. This implies that the aerospace company will have to launch uncrewed missions to Mars before sending humans to the red planet.

The initial plan of the company is to launch uncrewed spaceships with several supplies to Mars two years earlier before commencing with the manned mission to Mars. If SpaceX must reach this milestone, they actually need a highly sophisticated space vehicle for this mission.

The company has already designed several space vehicles with the potential of reaching the red planet. However, its Starship SN 20 has remained everyone’s favorite rocket for the journey to Mars. As the company plans to conduct the orbital test flight of the SN 20 later this month, everyone is hoping for a successful outcome.

Once SpaceX succeeds with the SN20, they will use the prototype of this futuristic rocket to build other space vehicles for the journey to Mars.

Since Elon Musk’s goal is to send humans by 2029, his company, SpaceX will work hard to ensure that they make his dream become a reality.

In fact, the company is already working on advanced technologies that will make Elon Musk’s plans come into play before the end of this decade. With SpaceX’s sophisticated vehicles, advanced spacesuits, and other sophisticated space technologies, the success of reaching Mars is assured.


Elon Musk has proven to be a man of his words. Once Musk dreams of reaching a milestone, he works hard to get there.

The tech billionaire has already predicted sending humans to Mars by 2029. His aerospace company will put extra effort to ensure that this dream becomes a reality before the end of this decade. Do you think humans will reach Mars by 2029?


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